Monday, March 8, 2010

We are Expecting!!!

Expecting what, you ask? We are expecing to embark on an unbelievable journey that will be filled with excitement, fear, uncertainty, and I am sure some tears. We are expecting to go through mounds of paperwork and our entire savings. We are expecting to find a little Filipino girl, that God created, waiting just for us, and us for her. Let me start at the very beginning...

The adoption seed was first planted in my heart when I was in high school. I thought that it would be awesome to be able to adopt a 4-5 year old in the foster care system that everyone else passed up. BUT..then I got married, and I had my own children, and that dream got pushed to the back of my mind. God had an appointment for me, though. Pregnant with Casen, I couldn't sleep and started watcing TV. A Feed the Children infommerical came on. As I watched these kids with absolutely nothing, I started to cry and pray. I asked God, what possibly could I do, when the need was so great, I feel helpless. I heard him say in my heart, just as if He was speaking audibly to me, you may not be able to help all of them, but you can certainly help one. The adoption seed was watered.

I then brought up the subject to Jeff, who was skeptical. He brought up the typical arguments, adoption is so expensive, why would we adopt when we can have our own children. I knew this was God's battle, not mine. I asked him to pray about it, and he did. The adoption seed was planted in his heart. Then not long after that, God used Tori, a sweet Korean teenager in our youth group that was adopted, to water that seed in Jeff's heart.

2 years has passed. 2 years spent praying, researching, and waiting for the moment to begin the process. Waiting to save up money. Waiting for Casen to grow up. Waiting. That's hard to do and it is just the beginning. Now, we can confidently say, that WE ARE EXPECTING!! and nothing could be more exciting for us!

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  1. Hey Kina- I didn't know you had a blog- just found it and do pray you hear soon about your adoption!! Love you. Mrs. G