Tuesday, March 13, 2012

March 2. 2012

Dear precious girl,
We have hit the 13 month mark!! So far the months seems to be flying by! Most days I am good, we think about you, pray about you, dream about you, but it still seems abstract not real. But every once in awhile it really hits me, and I remember that our baby girl, is somewhere in the Philippines and we aren't there to take care of you. I had that day this month, and just had to have a good cry. Crying for you, crying for myself, crying for this LONG process and wondering if we will ever get to meet you, if this is actually going to happen. Even though my heart is hurting during that time, it feels good, because it feels real, and not abstract at all. I have another child, a little girl, and in that moment of crying my heart swells with love for you
Our life while we wait....

Austin turned 9!

Brenden played his first season of basketball and LOVED it!

Casen is getting bigger!!!!