Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring Break!!!--Day 4

Well, today was day 4 of our, okay we may be a little jealous that you got to go skiing, week of fun. We went to mom's club at the mall. The kids played; I talked with my friends. Nothing could be more fun :)

Brenden and one of his best friends, Cooper.


Casen and his future best friend, Brock. Casen refuses to take pictures now. When I tell him to look at the camera, he says, "uh-uh" and never looks. So when he is older and wonders why the other 2 have way more pictures, I can tell him why, and not at all because he is the 3rd child.


  1. Cute pics! "future best friends" whatever, they are best friends!

  2. Oh yeah, your comment about pics of the third child. I might need this pic of Brock because I have none of him!;)