Monday, March 8, 2010

FAQ on Adoption

Why adopt??
This is the question that has resonated in alot of our friends and family's minds. If you can have your own kids, why are you adopting? It seems so obvious to me, but maybe I should explain. God has blessed us with 3 beautiful boys, and I love them tremendously. God has also created another baby solely for our family. A child that doesn't have someone to care for them, and provide for them. Yes, we can keep having more children, but why, when there are so many that need a family that we can provide. So my question is, why not adopt? James 1:27 says this, "Pure and undefiled religion before God and the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their trouble..."

The most asked question is this (a question I also asked an adoptive mom),
Aren't you afraid you will not love your adoptive daughter as much as your biological kids?
Since, I don't have my child yet, I guess I can't answer fully, but I can say this, I have absolutely no fear that I won't love this child as much as my own. She is already someone that I am dreaming about, praying for, and working really hard for (alot harder than making a baby ;) and I know the moment I see her, I will know she is mine, and will love her as much as I love my boys! It is a picture of Jesus' love. We are adopted into His family, and He loves us with an unconditional love.

Why the Philippines?
This question may be a little harder to answer because God holds the key to it! We did our research, and many countries would not accept us. Mostly either because of financial reasons or the number of children we already have. Then we had to cross out a few countries because of our own restrictions. Either the cost was too high, or the stay in country was too long, or we weren't allowed to have a gender preference (and after 3 boys that I LOVE, might I add, I think we deserve a gender preference ;) We were left with a few countries that we kept talking about but couldn't find total peace with for whatever reason. The Philippines was marked off our list in the beginning after I called an agency and was told I couldn't have a gender preference. While researching Columbia (if chosen, we would have stayed in country for 4-6 weeks, but were left with few other options), I stumbled across the Philippines again. I was drawn to this country. I called a different agency and was told we could have a gender preference and everything else just lined up. We felt total peace with this country, and knew this is where God was knitting together our little girl. In the initial process of adoption, I was drawn to the Latin countries, and Jeff, the Asian countries, our daughter will be a mix between the two. How appropriate!

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