Tuesday, December 7, 2010

3 MONTHS and Counting....

Our dossier was approved and sent to the Philippines August 26. We now wait for the approval of the ICAB (Intercountry Adoption Board) in the Philippines. Average approval time is 1-3 months...we are now at 3.5 months, so I like to think of us as above average. I'm not obsessing about it, but I would say that I am a little anxious. They could not approve us altogether (though that rarely happens) or they may not approve our age and gender request...this is what I am more anxious about. I then remember God's word saying, Be anxious for NOTHING, but in EVERYTHING by prayer and supplication with THANKSGIVING let your requests be made known unto God. Knowing God has everything in control, and nothing surprises Him, I choose to trust Him to guide our lives and timing. So while we wait...we LIVE. Here are pictures of some of what has been happening the last few months...

At the fair.....

Brenden had his second season of soccer and got to play with all of his best friends.

Casen turned 2....

We picked the perfect pumpkin...

Halloween with my ninja, batman, and fighter!

Austin had his 6th season of soccer, but first competitively.

My sister and I went to our first Texas game...

Thanksgiving weekend....Austin LOVED this.

Silver Dollar City!

We got some snow on Thanksgiving day, but that did not prevent the boys from going for a ride!

Decorated our tree....

And now we continue to wait...and live! :)

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Dossier is Finished!!!!!

This week, I worked extra hard finishing our dossier, and what a HUGE relief to have it finished and sent to our agency. I feel like we are one step closer to our little girl, and as soon as the Philippine governement approves us, I think I will then allow myself to be really excited!!!

All of our requirements:

Austin's Picture he made
Brenden's Picture

Friday, May 7, 2010

Trail Days

A must do if you live in Owasso, Trail Days.

Casen and his future wife, Ruby.

Austin pretty much rode everything this years. Tilt a whirl, I wasn't sure his stomach would survive this.

Casen didn't like his stroller much...

Brenden didn't really ride anything. He even cried on the fun house. Maybe next year.

Casen cried because he wanted to ride the elephants. Brenden would have cried IF we made him ride it.

Brenden's favorite ride

It's All About Austin!!

This is Austin at his track and field day at school! They were allowed to pick 2 events, and he did the long distance run because he "doesn't want to get fat," and the 60 yard dash. He did pretty well considering he is the shortest one out there!

This is Austin's best friend at school.

Austin at his school play. Rappper Weed.
Jeff, Austin, Mark, and Cody went to a Oklahoma City Thunders game and got the VIP treatment.