Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring Break!!! --Day 2

Day 2 of our fun, so what that you got to go skiing, week. We went to the zoo. The kids loved it, and Casen was so good (I always have to cross my fingers on that one!) Brenden loved seeing all the animals, but he is definitely like his daddy in the animal department. He wasn't near as impressed as I was. Casen was laughing at them.

Casen was pressed against the glass at the chimpanzee exhibit, and kept laughing at all of them. Brenden thought they were fun, but was ready to go before even I was.

I had to MAKE Brenden come into the petting zoo (so much like Jeff), and Casen was loving it! He kept doing this tongue thing to them. I really don't know why, maybe because they were eating. He would touch them, but only if I was holding his hand.

He was not near as impressed with the sheep!

The jaguar was Brenden's favorite. I think because he loves mommy and baby jaguar from Diego, and plays with them all the time.

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