Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Such a Mess!!

Life is always interesting with Casen!! Well, I will just let the pictures do the talking....

He somehow found this sucker and unwrapped it himself, and well who am I to take it away from him. Definitely not worth his wrath!

He LOVES his brother's DS. He wants it turned on, and well who am I to take it away from him, it's not worth his wrath!

What a little helper...don't be deceived, HE made that mess!

We gave him a snack, and then realized he was much too quiet :)

Casen loves sitting on the potty and every once in awhile we actually have success. Him just sitting there is success enough for me!! He loves reading books when he sits, and sometimes I cannot get him to get up!

This is his new favorite look. If you tell him "no", or if I just try to talk to him when he is in Kylie's arms this is a look I get, along with a whine.

He is just such a mess, and I love him!!!

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