Monday, March 8, 2010

The Timeline

Somewhere in 2008: Jeff and I decided we would adopt an international child

3/1/10 Our registration has been filed with Wide Horizons for Children

3/17/10 Sent in our Application 1 to Wide Horizons for Children

3/23/2010 Completed our paperwork for the Homestudy

4/5/2010 First Meeting with Social Worker

4/12/2010 Second Meeting with Social Worker and completed all education classes.

4/19/2010 Sent in Application 2 to Wide Horizons for Children

5/4/2010 Begin our paperwork for the dossier.

6/2010 Homestudy completed

6/25/2010 Applied to the UCSIS for the I-800a

7/30/2010 Biometrics taken

7/30/2010 Dossier finished and sent to Wide Horizons

8/26/2010 Our dossier was approved and sent to the Philippines.

2/2/2011 Approval Date from ICAB (found out 3/9/2011)

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