Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Woohoo 6 Months!!!!

A fourth of the way there!! (and yes, I skipped blogging 5 months, our summers are more than just a little crazy!)

Austin wrote our whole family with chalk, and I love that he included his sister. She is always a part of our thoughts and prayers. She is around 6 months old right now, which is absolutely my favorite age.

Our family ALMOST complete! We just need our beautiful Filipina baby girl!

This is such a random picture, but it was what I woke up to one morning, and I never want to forget what it's like to have my little ones at the house. And in a couple of years, it might be barbie dolls, or littlest pet shop, or whatever girls play with these days.

So many things going on this summer...so many pictures...

Happy Birthday, America!

Austin's last season of coach pitch baseball! These kids are friends on the ball field and at church!

COUSINS!! Kailynn cannot wait for her girl cousin! And she is hoping she will have curly hair like herself!

Snuggly boys!


My sweet teen got married!!

So many fun, wonderful moments this summer. I blog so I remember this moment of time. This moment while we wait for our forever girl!

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