Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hello 4 months!!!!

Time is just flying by, 3 boys know how to keep me busy!!! I wish there was more to write, more to say....With the risk of being judged, it is sometimes easier not to think of her at all, then to know I am not there for her now, and we still have awhile to wait. When I see little babies, that would be about her age, I just get sad. So no dreams this month, no reminiscing on what she might be doing right now, I don't want to think about it at all. But I WILL pray, that's all I can do, pray for my little girl, pray that God protects her sweet heart, I pray that she is making strong attachments now, so that she will know how to attach to us. Pray that she is being loved!!!!!! And now I am tearing up, so I better stop thinking about it....

Just a few pictures of our family now, and what we do while we wait....

Casen trying to give Austin a kiss during Track & Field Day...

Brenden just finished his Pre-K year, sad day for me. Jaddon and him were best friends!

Austin finished his second grade year, and made all A's!!!

A good friend turned 30, and we ALL celebrated. It's actually Mia's mom, our daughter's future bff!!!

Trail Days with some good friends!!!!

Happy Mother's Day to me!!!

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  1. I totally understand that feeling. so normal. adoption is hard work, as you know.