Friday, March 11, 2011

We are officially Pregnant!!!!!!

For some weird reason, I like to equate this adoption process to pregnancy. For the last year, it feels like we were "trying" to get pregnant, and now it has happened. The 2 blue lines have appeared. I am jumping up and down with excitiment, just like I did with my boys. Intercountry Adoption Board has approved us!! We are officially on the List of Approved Applicants. We will get a girl between the ages 24-36 months. Our official approval date is February 2, 2011. We are already a month closer. As of right now wait times are averaging 24-30 months. This wait time could get shorter or longer.

We had the opportunity this last month to visit Cebu City and Manilla, Philippines. We went there for an International Fellowship Meeting of Pastors and Missionaries. While there, I was so encouraged spiritually. I loved seeing the passion everyone had for God, and it challenged my own relationship with Him. But also, while I was there, I fell in love with the Philippines. The people, the country, the spirit. We picked that country to adopt from because it was the only country we had total peace with, and the adoption program was very stable. Now, if you ask me, why the Philippines, itt's because I LOVE the Philippines. Our daughter will always know where she came from, the most generous, giving, humble group of people I have ever met, and I hope we teach her to keep that spirit from her country alive here! I already miss being there, being around the people there.
We also saw some pretty heartbreaking things.... kids sleeping on the sidewalk, begging on the streets, including a deformed little girl, walking in the middle of the crazy busy traffic, begging. That's what she does day in and day out. Do the people that take that money from her, even love her? I saw tons of tin huts, and young women prostituting themselves out to old white men. My heart breaks for these people, and I pray that though this life is hard from them, they somehow will hear about the love of a Savior! I also thank God that he will use me and my family, to save one child from that life.

Somewhere out there is our little girl. I pray for her mom, I pray that someone is showing her love. I pray she knows about Jesus, and the sacrifice He made. I pray for the people that our now taking care of our daughter. I pray they love her. And I pray for our daughter. I pray she grows healthy and happy wherever she is, until it's time for her to come home.


  1. Ok. You made me cry. I can't wait to meet her, too!

  2. Oh, how much that little girl will be loved! I love the Smith boys and can't wait to meet the Smith girl. Exciting! Congratulations!

  3. Praising God with you as you move one step closer to meeting your precious baby girl!!!

  4. Hi, I found your blog just like Ms. Jenny did through another blog called (Philippines Adoption Journey). I'm really happy that you chose to adopt in the Philippines. I always follow the blogs of the families who are adopting here. Hope you can take your little girl home soon :)

  5. So exciting!!! Can't wait to see how the rest of your story unfolds as you wait for your little girl!