Friday, February 24, 2012

February 2, 2012

ONE YEAR!!!!! What a huge milestone!!! When we started, I couldn't wait for this day, because we would be halfway there!! Unfortunately, as I have said before, the wait times have increased, so we are still 2 years away. Hopefully, though this time next year, we can say we are OVER halfway there. That will be awesome! God knows what is best for our family more than we do, and if the wait times would have stayed the same when we first started, we would be getting our daughter this year. Little did I know at that time, how demanding Casen is, and still requires a lot of my attention. When our girl comes home, we know she will need a lot of one on one time, so in a couple of years, when Casen is 5, he'll be ready, and we'll be ready. God always knows! What also is so sweet, is to see how each one of my kids become invested in their sister. When we first started the process 2 years ago, Austin was 7, and Brenden 4. Austin was so excited and talked about her all the time, then in the last year, Brenden became so excited. If anyone ever asks how many brothers and sisters he has, he ALWAYS includes her, and talks about her. He prays for her every night, and he doesn't just say, "pray for our sister". He prays that God will take care of her, and says "I know God can see her" and prays that she will come soon. Then this month for the first time, Casen said, "I pray for my sister" as he prayed. Even though, he doesn't understand, it will be so fun to watch him get excited for her too as he gets older. She is very much already loved! The whole purpose of this blog, is to show her, how loved she is. We planned for her, prayed for her, and waited for her. She is very much wanted!!

While we wait, we live.....

The boys started sleeping together in one room. I love how they all have their own room, but choose to be together.

Austin broke his finger, and had to have surgery to put a pin in it. His second surgery of his short life.

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