Friday, May 7, 2010

Trail Days

A must do if you live in Owasso, Trail Days.

Casen and his future wife, Ruby.

Austin pretty much rode everything this years. Tilt a whirl, I wasn't sure his stomach would survive this.

Casen didn't like his stroller much...

Brenden didn't really ride anything. He even cried on the fun house. Maybe next year.

Casen cried because he wanted to ride the elephants. Brenden would have cried IF we made him ride it.

Brenden's favorite ride

It's All About Austin!!

This is Austin at his track and field day at school! They were allowed to pick 2 events, and he did the long distance run because he "doesn't want to get fat," and the 60 yard dash. He did pretty well considering he is the shortest one out there!

This is Austin's best friend at school.

Austin at his school play. Rappper Weed.
Jeff, Austin, Mark, and Cody went to a Oklahoma City Thunders game and got the VIP treatment.


Finally have my computer back and all my will be blog overload for the next few days!

We celebrated Easter by going to church and then hiding some eggs outside and then went and watched How To Train A Dragon. Moments like these make me wish time could stand still! I love family days!

Our Easter bunny! He was actually hanging out in our yard while we hunted for eggs.

"I'll steal my brother's eggs while he is distracted."
It's not Easter without confetti eggs!! Thanks Mom for sending them to us, we can't get those in Oklahoma!