Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Homestudy Fun!

Well...first let me say my computer is infected. 173 viruses, so much for paying high dollar for Norton!! So, I haven't had a computer in at least a week, so I cannot post any pictures. On the adoption front, we met with our social worker last week and this week. At our first meeting, she asked Jeff and I alot of questions about our motivation to adopt, our parenting, our marriage, and the ethnicity of our community (big fail for Owasso). The scariest part was when she interviewed Austin all alone. You never know what kind of things will come out of that kid's mouth. (I was remembering when he was 4 and told the pediatrician that he doesn't sit in a car booster or wear a bike helmet, when I questioned him why he told her this, he said I was just joking.) I was hoping he wouldn't "joke" with our social worker. Then I became even more nervous when Austin told us that it was a secret what he told her. But then said he was joking and just couldn't remember. Bits and pieces are coming back and I think he did well :) At our second meeting, she spoke to Jeff and I separately where we got to discuss our "issues." I felt like I received some good therapy! :) We will meet with her one more time over the phone to finish up our discussion. We have finished all of our education classes and will be sending out our Application Part 2 to our agency, hopefully this week.

Next on the agenda: get together documents to send to the government (I-800A, and fingerprints). I have been told this could take 3-6 months to be approved to adopt. I hope not!
Also, we will begin working on our dossier which OH MY, is ALOT of work.

I keep thinking of this like my pregnancy...which would I rather have, pregnancy symptoms, moodiness, and weight gain for the next 9 months, or this? I will get back on that one....